Information for authors

Authors should submit their manuscripts in MS Word format by email to the Chief Editor:
The corresponding author will receive confirmation of the reception of the submission.

Manuscripts can be written in Spanish or in English. Manuscripts should not contain more than 8,000 words, including references, tables and figures.

The page layout has a 2,5 cm right and left margin and 3 cm at head and foot. Text fond must be Arial, size 12. Text should be justified, 1.5 space and first lines of paragraphs must not be indented. Pages must not be numbered. The title of the article will be Arial 16, bold and centered.

Section headings (capital letters) and subsection headings in the main text should be numbered with Arabic numbers. Text will be Times New Roman (12) bold. Do not use end notes.

Tables and figures should be placed along the text. They should be numbered with Arabic letters and have a descriptive title. Mathematical equations are included in the text using the MS Word equation editor, text format Arial (12), and numbered in square brackets, e.g., [1].

Reference List:
The reference list will have the same format as the main text (Times new Roman 12)

Author's Surname, Initials. (year of publication). Title of article. Title of journal, Volume number(part number), page numbers . Doi:

Hodge, G.G., Greve, C. (2007). Private-public partnerships: An international performance review. Public Administration Review, 67(3): 545-559. Doi: 10.5295/cdg.110309mg

Author's Surname, Initials. (year of publication). Title. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher.

Studenmund, A.H. (1997). Using econometrics: A Practical guide (3rd ed.). Reading, MA: Addison- Wesley.

Contributing autho’s Surname, Initials. (year of publication). Title of contribution. Followed by In: Surname, Initials, of author or editor of publication followed by ed. or eds. if relevant. Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher, Page numbers of contribution.

Bantz, C.R. (1995). Social dimensions of software development. En: Anderson, J.A., ed. Annual review of software management and development. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 502-510.

Author. (year of publication). Title of report. Place of publication: Publisher

UNESCO (1993). General information programme and UNISIST. Paris: Unesco

Author (year of the last update). Title. Accessed date, URL

American Psychological Association (2011). APA Style. Accessed 21 November 2014,

Paper structure:
  1. Title in Spanish
  2. Title in English
  3. Authors. Author’s names (Name and Surename) and affiliation (University, nstitute or company, faculty or department, postal address, country and e-mail). If there is more than one author, indicate who is the corresponding author.
  4. Abstract (in Spanish), max. 150 words
  5. Keywords (in Spanish) max. 5 words/ concepts
  6. Abstract (in English), max. 150 words
  7. Keywords (in English) max. 5 words/ concepts
  8. JEL classification code: max. 3 codes.
  9. Main text, structured in sections
  10. References
Before the double-blind peer Review procedure all the information regarding author’s identification will be removed.